Lost Partition Recovery

WD Hard Drive Recovery after Partition Table Corruption

Lost data from desktop HDD or from external hard drive can be recovered. If you are planning to recover lost data from your Western Digital hard drive, then you have landed at the right page. Are partitions on your WD hard drive corrupted? Are you unable to view files and folders after partition table corruption? No need to panic! Straightaway, download WD Partition Recovery tool and restore lost data in the same fashion as it was before.

WD hard drives offer high capacity storage with ultra fast USB 3.0 connectivity and automatic backup. Due to such advanced features, Western Digital hard drives are used by many people worldwide for storing their files and folders. However, like other hard disk drives, WD hard drive is prone to corruption. Damaged or corrupt partition table of Western Digital hard drive can result in loss of important files. You would not be able to view your images, videos, songs, documents, games, etc stored on the WD hard drive, if partition table is corrupted due to virus attacks or because of some other reasons. Nevertheless, you should not worry! Lost Partition Recovery software will help you in performing file recovery from lost partitions after Windows reinstall on your WD hard drive.

Following are some scenarios, which may lead to partition table corruption:-

  • Using low quality third party tools for deleting, formatting, reformatting, shrinking, extending, or repartitioning hard disk partitions.
  • Improper use of Windows Disk Management / Mac Disk Utility to format or reformat partition / volume.
  • Virus attacks leads to deletion of system log files or corruption of file headers resulting in data loss.
  • Bad sectors on WD hard disk caused by sudden system shutdown make log files of partition table inaccessible.
  • MBR corruption or file system errors might even result in partition table corruption. This would not allow the user to access the existing NTFS or any other partition which in turn causes loss of files. Lost partition recovery software can effectively retrieve files from corrupt NTFS partition or FAT32 partition, etc. Continue reading this, to grasp complete knowledge on the resue function of corrupted NTFS partition.

Whatever be the case, losing favorite files from WD hard drive or from any other drive could be painful. You never want to lose some of your precious collection of pictures or videos. But data loss still happens. Hence, to overcome from such nightmares, use Lost Partition Recovery program. It will help you in getting back lost data from your WD hard drive after partition table corruption. Moreover, you can restore files from reformatted partition on Windows 7, XP, or Vista by using this award-winning software. Its Mac version is also available and can be use by lot of Macintosh users over the globe. The powerful recovery engine of the application enables you to recover corrupt partition files lost after re-partitioning errors, boot sector virus attack on partition.This software will recover more than 300 different file formats from various data storage drives. Therefore, use it to restore data from repartitioned desktop HDD or WD external hard drive.

Steps to restore WD hard drive data after partition table corruption

Step 1: Download and install the software on a healthy computer. Then connect your WD hard drive to this computer as a secondary storage drive.

Step 2: Open home screen of the software and select "Recover Partitions / Drives" as shown in fig A.

Restore WD Hard Drive Data after Partition Table Corruption - Welcome Screen

Fig A: Welcome Screen

Step 3: Select the WD hard drive from the list of logical drives and press "Next" to start the data recovery process as shown in fig B.

Restore WD Hard Drive Data after Partition Table Corruption - Select WD Hard Drive

Fig B: Select WD Hard Drive

Step 4: Finally, check the list of recovered files as shown in fig C.

Restore WD Hard Drive Data after Partition Table Corruption - Recovered Data

Fig C: Recovered Data

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite (10.10) Users